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10 February 2021

An excellent and thorough consultant with great communication skills and humanity. He put me straight away at ease and treated my problem with care and efficiency. I am, therefore, very happy to recommend him warmly and would definitely see him again should I need to in future.

1st November 2020

I was referred to Mr Bernstein by my endocrinologist for a total thyroidectomy and cannot recommend him enough. He is very professional, knowledgeable and has great bedside manner. I felt prepared and relaxed at the prospect of my procedure. I was very impressed with the quality and care he puts into his work - the surgery went very well, with a quick recovery period, and a very small, tidy scar.

29th August 2019

Very professional, great bedside manner and super helpful.

14th November 2018

Dr Bernstein's kindness and impeccable treatment were greatly appreciated. I feel like a 'new' person ever since he and his immediate staff looked after me both before, during and after my procedure. A million thanks. 

28th February 2019

Jonathan is a conscientious surgeon who is meticulous in what he does. He takes time to explain situations clearly to his patients and involves other experts early on. He performed a full thyroidectomy on me with no complications even though removal of lymph nodes was also necessary. He followed up with me on a daily basis after surgery both in person and on the phone and ensured all follow ups were checked off. I would unquestionably recommend him.

28th November 2018

28th Decemebr 2020

I would highly recommend Mr Bernstein and his department. The treatment I received was first class and delivered expertly under the difficult circumstances of covid. I cannot fault the level of care and expertise I was given.

15th December 2020

Mr Bernstein was very professional and did a very good job.

19th November 2020

My experience as Mr. Bernstein's patient was nothing short of stellar. He patiently takes the time to understand you questions and assures you in various instances with respect to any concerns you may have. He also takes the time to call and follow up if and when needed. I had 2 instances and he did not hesitate to follow up as soon as he could. As a patient, I appreciated his involvement despite a potentially very busy schedule he has as a doctor. You feel very safe and taken care of, which is so crucial when you are a patient. Prior to being his patient, I saw two different ENT surgeons both of whom suggested my concerns would require complex procedures. In hindsight, I can understand these were mostly opportunistic doctors trying to take advantage of the insurance system. It is very hard to find a doctor, who is very knowledgeable in their own field and professional to do only what is absolutely necessary. He explained everything in advance with sufficient clarity and as a patient I felt in great hands. Appreciate his respect and dedication to his field and patients. Amazing doctor!

27th February 2019

Jonathan Bernstein operated on my papillary thyroid carcinoma in May 2018. He performed a successful hemithyroidectomy. He always treated me with respect and kindness. In my opinion he is amazingly professional.

7th March 2019

Mr Jonathan Bernstein operated to remove a cancerous lesion on my tongue in December 2018. The 6 hour operation involved removing the cancer and reconstructing my tongue by replacing it with a skin flap taken from my arm. I found Mr Bernstein to be an outstanding surgeon who I would unreservedly recommend to anyone requiring head and neck oncology surgery. He was very clear in his explanation of what was involved, his post operative care was exceptional, and I always felt that I could not have been in better hands. In my view he is a top consultant, very charming and personable, who is very skilled and dedicated in his field, and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

18th September 2018

I recently underwent surgery for an extremely large potentially Cancerous tumour in my neck. I chose Jonathan as he was highly recommended by BUPA and serves both NHS and private patients. He is also a senior lecturer at Imperial College. From the outset his bedside manner was impeccable and he was very thorough and concise in explaining that the surgery was very complex and there was a strong possibility that there could be serious complications, as the tumour was right below the ear and where numerous facial nerves are located. Myself, my partner will always be indebted to him for the exceptional job he did with very intricate surgery. Not only was the tumour removed but there were also no complications at all. Happily the tumour was finally determined as benign which I am thrilled about. I cannot recommend his services highly enough for anyone in a similar situation.

Dr Jonathan Bernstein has operated on me recently for a right parotidectomy so as to prevent further enlargement of a tumour. He was very informative and personable. I was recommended to contact him through a consultant at Imperial so I knew that I was in hands of the very best. I'm very happy to say that post op, even though this was my first ever surgery with a general anaesthesia, procedure went very smoothly with a minimum scar. I would definitely recommend Dr Bernstein to my family and friends.

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